Sustainability is much more than climate action. At JUST female, sustainability is the ethical and caring approach we have to our full supply chain. From animal or field, to worker, to finished product, to you. We recognize the oxymoron in the term “sustainable fashion” and do therefore not claim to be such, but fashion with an environmentally and socially friendly approach. As global citizens, we at JUST female want to take part in preserving the environment and creating healthy communities in which we operate, and we take our environmental and social impact very seriously. With the FN’s 17 Global Sustainable Development Goals in mind, we try to take on a 360-degree perspective onto our business, and we continue to strive for better every day. Take a look at the 17 Goals and learn more about how JUST female approaches each target, here.

Preserving the climate is very dear to our hearts, and something that we work tirelessly on with our manufacturers for every collection. 

“Our current goal is to use as close to 100% of more sustainable materials in the production of our collections as possible every season - but it is a constant learning curve, and we can always do better.” 
Penille Andersen – Creative Director

In Autumn 2018 we started with our 'SUSTAINABLE CHOICE' options on the collections, and these options have become a bigger and bigger part of the JUST female collections ever since. A ‘SUSTAINABLE CHOICE’ style is made from more environmentally friendly materials, such as organic cotton or recycled polyester. You can read much more on our materials here.

Currently we are proud to offer collections with a high percentage of styles made from environmentally consious materials.

Percetage of our collections marked with SUSTAINABLE CHOICE:
Autumn '21    Summer ’21    Spring ’21    Winter ’20    
75%              83%              64%              55%

Since 2019 we have furthermore created the WE CARE initiative in collaboration with the organization Plant et Træ [Plant a Tree]. Styles with the WE CARE tag are typically styles we have not been able to create in a more environmentally sustainable way, we therefore give back to nature by having trees planted with the help of school children. Trees naturally absorb CO2 and the planting of the trees provide the perfect learning environment for the young children to gain respect for our planet. You can read much more on the WE CARE initiative here.