We have returned to the basics, to the essential. Embrace the elements with JUST female’s Winter 2020 collection: Earth, water, wind, and fire. With this collection, we asked ourselves “what is the most important?” and have chosen an exclusive collection of 50 essential pieces for winter. The Winter 2020 collection therefore only consists of carefully selected essential styles, with over 50% styles made from environmentally conscious materials such as organic cotton and recycled polyester. Each style can be dressed up or down for the winter season’s many festivities, and with an essence founded in the basics of the four elements, they are likely to become wardrobe stables for many seasons to come.
Bring a sense of calm and softness to the cold winter days with leather goods and knitted wool in earthy colour tones.
Wavy frills on feminine dresses, along with shiny and flowy recycled polyester that drapes gracefully, imitate the beauty of the reflecting sea.
The playful dancing wind is mirrored in crisp airy organic cotton, transparency, and voluminous silhouettes for a touch of lightness and joy.
Precious metallics and warm fiery colour tones will ignite the fire within in celebratory expectation for lighter days ahead.