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Celebrate your own duality with the Spring 2021 collection from JUST female.
Let your style be a reflection of the many versions of the true you – the ambitious professional, the loving mom, the conscious consumer, the cheeky sister, the supportive friend, the hell raising missy – all the masks that we all present to the world.

Let your wardrobe mirror your true self, whoever she might be today.

With the Spring 2021 collection you can find the perfect balance within your own duality, between light and dark, masculine and feminine, soft and hard.

You will find a special print collaboration with the Danish visual artist Sjulle, with the most vibrant prints for silk scarfs, sweats, and tees. The printed faces reflect the many masks we wear in our lives to conform ourselves with the person we need to be, and they remind us to find peace in being true to our many selves.

The main collection is a fresh and clean mix of beige, black, blue, and light pink in materials such as crisp organic cottons, recycled polyester, soft EcoVero viscose, and airy linen, as well as the perfect selection of denim essentials made from organic cotton. The silhouettes are a perfect balance of volume and form fitted and can be styled and mixed to fit any version of you.