leola coat . cady blazer . pearl long shirt . cady trousers

code knit . stormy jeans

kelly blazer . time dress . kelly trousers . moskva boots

priya soft blazer . time dress

bonnie blouse . mae shirt . bonnie trousers

bonnie dress . madrid boots

kelly blazer . zanny knit dress . calm nature jeans . moskva boots

alton quilted jacket . code knit . stormy jeans . milano boots

kelly blazer . time dress . kelly trousers

elsi blazer dress . buffy trousers

myrna blazer . time dress . myrna trousers . moskva boots

chelsea coat . calm black jeans

T H E   S E L F I S H   C O L L E C T I O N - Fall 20

B E   A   V O I C E  ,  N O T  A N   E C H O

Choosing to do what is best for you, is not selfish and we should stop

excusing for doing so; it’s your life, your choices – everything else is simply

sprinkles on the Sundae.

The AW20 collection is about strong women with bold personalities. It’s

about being grounded, seeking natural fabrics and earthy colors. It’s about

showing and exploring who you are as a woman and being brave enough

to put yourself first. Taking a stand for one self, one’s dreams and ambitions

without compromising for anyone else. It’s not a woman in a man’s world

– it’s a symbiosis of those two, where designs are inspired by men’s boxy

shirts, cool suits and masculine checks. It’s statement dresses, skirts with

a modern twist and magnified prints. Most importantly, it’s about layering;

mixing fine cashmere on top of raw denim, utility trends translated in satin.

Traditional feminine style revisited anno 2020, borrowing items from both

worlds in terms of materials and silhouettes. The result is sustainable, modern

– a collection for who ever you woke up to be. Remember: Power looks

great on you!