17 Partnerships for the Goals

17 Partnerships for the Goals

Together we are stronger.

At JUST female we believe in the power of partnerships. Through a common goal we can help our manufacturers and partners reach higher just as they can help us.

Each of our suppliers is part of the JUST female family, and our close relationships is built on several years of collaboration, trust, and understanding across countries and continents. We visit annually and typically talk via phone or video call several times every week to develop, plan and negotiate the best prices and highest quality garments.

We also enter into partnerships outside of our production. A great example is our ‘WE CARE’ initiative. At JUST female we find it very important is to help our planet for a brighter future. One of the ways to do so, is to secure and develop more forest, which naturally absorbs Co2. Therefore, JUST female have chosen to become a sponsor and partner of the organization Plant et Træ, which literally means “Plant a Tree”.

When a JUST female customer buys a product with a WE CARE tag they help support the organization and contribute to having 1.000 trees planted throughout Denmark on an annual scale.

The trees are planted with the help of school children with an extra focus on our customers of tomorrow, the young girls. By educating the women of tomorrow in understanding and respecting nature, we will hopefully help to ensure better consumers in the future that can make responsible choices even though they are fashion-conscious. A research into Danish consumption habits show that women in general have influence on 75-80% of all purchases made - from cars, housing, clothing, to groceries etc. We therefore find it essential to educate the female consumers of tomorrow on how to make sensible decisions for our planet, and we want to start in nature by physically planting trees.