Michaela Lintrup is #morethanJUSTfemale

Michaela Lintrup is #morethanJUSTfemale
E-sports athlete Michaela Lintrup spends her days killing people left and right. Luckily, the killing takes place in the online game universe Counter-Strike. Ranking as one of the top female Counter-Strike players for the team Originem, we have caught up with Michaela for a talk on passion and teamwork.

How and when did your passion Counter-Strike begin?

I started playing the game back in 2009, back then it was just a hobby, and a good escape from the real-life world and completely have fun. I would say my real passion started in 2012 when I started competing on my first team and figured out that I really want to become good at this.

What do you know now that you wished you had known before going into the professional realm of gaming?

I don't think there is anything I wish I would have known. I'm pretty happy with the choices I have made throughout my career, and every choice I have made, has made me where I am today. Even though it is pretty much consuming my whole day, every day of the week, this is a self-made choice, and it makes me the happiest person I can be!

How do you prepare for a match?

My preparation for a match is super simple, I don't like to overplay too much, and don't want it to be too little. 30 minutes warmup for me is just perfect, meaning I'm just going into a warmup server where I can stand and shoot on targets for 30 minutes! I like to enjoy a Red Bull before/during the match, and I can't be hungry.

Your team are comprised of women from five different countries, how do you build and maintain a sense of team spirit?

Automatically as you start to get to know each other on a team, you start joking around with each other, and this way you build a strong bond both in-game and outside of the game. It's of course super important to treat each other with respect, but also learn together and grow together as a team. You also don't want to forget to hype each other up when someone is having a good round or doing a perfect call for a strategy. Keeping the mood up, keeps the team spirit up in a match!

What is the most annoying prejudice you are met with as a female in e-sports?

A lot of teams will avoid playing versus a female team, because they simply think they are wasting their time, and we aren't good enough for them to practice against us. This is probably the thing that annoys me the most, I have with time gotten to ignore the internet trolls, and all their sexist comments don't grow on me anymore.

Is there anything else you’re passionate about at the moment?

I'm trying to stay passionate about fitness. I do think it's important to take care of your body, even though it's gives you no benefits in-game. Though a healthy body, gives a healthy mind, I believe, and a healthy mind is what you want when competing in a game that's so big on mind games, and staying focused.

Passion; also known as dedication, as hunger, it is the desire to destroy oneself for one’s art. To tear down, move, or start over in order to rebuild and expand. The feeling of not being able to let go. It is a human condition that most are bound by.

Even though we are JUST human, JUST women, JUST female, we all have that drive that makes us ‘more than’. It is what makes us-, our stories-, and our creations unique. From a job, to a child, to a hobby gone wild, we, and you, are more than JUST female. We have gathered some of the most inspiring Danish women that we know for a talk about passion, creativity, and the balance between worklife and homelife.

Let their inspiring stories, trials and errors be a reminder that we all can struggle, we can fail, but something will always have us return to that same place of passion. And maybe the point is not necessarily to succeed, but to have given it your all, and grown in the process.

Tell us about your passion, struggle, and successes!