International Women's Day 2021


With the campaign 'By Women, For Women', we have gathered a group of women to start a conversation about what it means to be a woman in 2021 and how to support other women in sister solidarity.

We call for all to ask themselves the following -

How do I personally support other women?
and what do I do to appreciate my own worth?

The close-knit Norwegian group of micro-influencers in the campaign consists of Andrea Steen, Martine Emilie Akerson, Sara Flaaen Licius, Linnea James, and Thea Elise Klingvall who pose, dance and sing together in JUST female's new denim styles in 100% organic cotton, which are produced in a small female-owned factory in Portugal where over 80% of all posts are occupied by women. The female owner runs her company with a focus on hiring women, as it is a stabilizing factor in a fragile economic climate.

"The team behind JUST female consists of a small group of women who strive to support each other and give room to personal growth. We have the greatest ambition to extend this philosophy to support all women, whether it be our manufacturers or consumers. After a difficult year marked by a pandemic and financial uncertainty, I think that on this year's International Women's Day we should all pay special attention to how we can support each other as women - because together we can reach ever new heights."

- Penille Andersen, creative director